The things I know

Web Development

whether a simple, informational website for your business, a dynamic website with user abilities and a blog, or an e-commerce site with constant up-keep, I can help you manage and maintain the digital-storefront of your business.

Marketing Development

Get your business out to the world and compete with the big boys by marketing and advertising yourself.  Call me to find out how you can get started and which road  best suits your needs.  Lets get creative =)

Graphic/ UI Design

Logos, Layouts, Mockups, Flyers, Adspace, and User Interfaces.  I have the background to accomplish your vision into print, digital or tangible media.  Let me help you present your ideas as precisely and easily as you’d like.


Creative Solutions

Learn about creative marketing and campaigns

Together with IndigoBeehive and BerzerkProductionz, my network for marketing is wide and resourceful, with solutions for merchant accounts, payment gateways, social media management, and advertisement.  All with very competitive pricing and rates.  Let’s talk.

Business Solutions

Access to Merchant Accounts, and other business tools

When you invest in me, you are not just getting my time, you have gained the resources and the solutions I have rolled up in my sleeves.  I have created a network of business that work with each other to maintain a competitve market for the small business owner.

Other related skillsets/experience

More Solutions

Graphic Design

Layouts, Graphics, flyers, digital flyers, posters you name it, I can get it made with a high standard of quality and professionalism.

Marketing & Advertisement

Campaigns and strategy, are both important when marketing your brand.  It is all about timing.  Let me help you map out special dates and time of the year when your campaigns can have the most impact.

Design & UX

Applications, web-applications, User-interfaces are very important when creating a user-experience.  The user will either remember that it was a pleasant and easy-to-use system, or confusing and would never try it again experience.  from beginning to end, every step should be meaningful and get you closer to the end result, all with seamless ease.


Create a brand that your audience loves.  Make it a part of their lives, branding your product should be a meaningful process in which you can evoke a vision onto.  The right logo can tie everything together being a symbol for a bigger idea.

Layout Design

Layout sets the hierarchy for the information at-hand.  Good layout along with typographic design makes letters and words speak and visually influence the spectator.

Video Editing/Motion Graphics

Whether a promotional video, informational or motion graphic video, I am skilled with the knowledge to shoot, edit, and finalize video work.  Search Engines like Google love video.  Utilizing this aspect of exposure can give you an advantage over other companies to be found.